Jeff Nelson (COO,BritAmerica), Neal James-Crook, John C. Rutherford (Managing Partner MedAssets), John A Bardis (Chairman,President, CEO MedAssets) Simon Hall (CEO BMG)

We were delighted to have a visit from John A. Bardis; Founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of MedAssets,Inc and one of his board members John Rutherford.

BMG was delighted to welcome them to London and introduce them to a number of leading healthcare underwriters at Lloyd’s.

John Bardis was supporting the US Olympic team in London having previously attended the Beijing Olympics as Team Leader of U.S. Greco- Roman Wrestling Team.

MedAssets comprehensive financial performance solutions include industry-leading solutions for healthcare supply chain management and healthcare revenue cycle management

Their solutions are proven to improve a healthcare provider’s operating margins and cash flow, delivering the potential to increase a typical health systems’ net patient revenue by one to three percent and decrease hospital supply chain expenses by three to 10 percent.