It’s hard not to write an inter-galactic style headline when you discover you’ve recruited a descendant of the legendary Sir Edmund Halley – not only of Halley’s Comet fame, but by all accounts the very first man to broker and insurance deal! Anyway having scoured the universe to infinity and beyond (well, a long way past Leytonstone at least) we are delighted to welcome 26 year old Lydia Halley to our team as Technical Administrator.

Whilst in may require a little bit of poetic licence to describe BMG’s growth entirely as ‘meteoric’ the BMG star has been rising nicely steadily onwards and upwards over the past few years and, as well as still being on the lookout for senior people to join the team, we’re very focused on making sure that back office support is running ahead of the curve.

Accordingly enter Lydia, stage left, who comes to us from Cunningham Lindsey where she looked after a team of 7 adjustors, prior to which she worked in the retail music business. A Degree in Visual Display and Design from the University of the Arts adds flexibility to the back office skill set, and by all accounts Lydia is a practiced hand at Photoshop – perfect for retouching the Director’s Facebook pages after heavy nights of negotiation over the festive season! Expect great things.

For more details call the main switchboard on +44 (0)207 090 1400.